Holiday Cooking – Kitchen Utensils

As the New Year is approaching, you have better things to do than worry about your kitchen utensils. Yes, the panic attack everyone gets about their kitchen utensils if they will work perfectly when they’re whipping up a celebratory meal.

Often we attempt to accomplish additional cooking chores in less time during the holidays. Some kitchen utensils you might need to reduce the number of items needed to complete a task, some of them just make great gifts for others too.

Spoonula (spoon spatula)
Preparing yourself for multi-tasking? Prepare your kitchen utensils for the same as well. Add a spoonula to your team. It is a spoon-shaped spatula that multi-tasks, which can be utilized as both a blending spoon and a spatula.

The utensil is made of silicone. Desirable for the level of heat resistance it offers. Most will resist heat 450 degrees F, making them ideal for stirring directly on the stove.

You can place spatula nearly any place in the dishwasher when it comes to cleaning. If you want to utilize and experiment with this spoon-shaped spatula, begin with a bigger one. Search for one where the head is both flexible and firm. In order to mix and blend heavy batter, it should be strong yet flexible enough to adjust to the shape of the mixing bowl. The handle should be sturdy to avoid bending while mixing.

It’s not over yet; you can do more with the spoonula, which includes the following:

• Food stirring especially great for stirring scrambled eggs on stove.
• Stirring with spoonula won’t scratch the non-stick pan.
• During mixing clean the sides of the container or bowl.
• Its head is typically more expanded in comparison with traditional blending spoons, you can mix the ingredients with very few strokes using the spoon-shaped spatula.


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