Owners Scott Stuber and Tyrone Velasquez founded the parent company Promina Goods LLC in April 2016 and launched several brands, Silicone World and White Horse Vintage. Silicone World for our love of cooking and White Horse Vintage for our antique and vintage collections.
We formed Silicone World because Scott loves to cook and bake and Tyrone loves to eat, especially sweets. Scott learned at an early age to whip things up in the kitchen. Since adulthood he is constantly finding new recipes and testing them out in the kitchen. As his #1 tester I am constantly being subjected to a great dish most days. His Facebook fan club is always asking him to send a nibble their way.
We started Silicone World as a way to share our cooking and baking experiences and our love for different foods. Scott is always cooking up great meals and posting them to his Facebook which friends and family greatly enjoy. This is what lead us to do something that we both could enjoy. The excellent feedback and request for tips, techniques and recommendations launched us into wanting to share more about cooking. This gives us the opportunity to show family and friends that anyone with the right tools and kitchen accessories can provide great and delicious meals to their friends and family.
We spent the first part of 2016 searching for the right tools to bring to market and in November 2016 we launched our first line of Silicone products. The 5 Piece Kitchen Utensil Set, 5 Piece Spatula Set, 8 Piece Measuring cups and spoons,12 pack Jumbo cupcake liners and 2 pack baking mats. These kitchen tools remind me of my childhood, even at an early age during the 70’s my mother would awake in the middle of the night to find me baking cookies or mixing up batter to make a cake or candy. I have always been crazy for sweets. Now in the 21st century we have the latest kitchen tools available to assist us in making great dishes while also helping to save the planet with eco-friendly type products. Our Silicone products are eco-friendly as well as reusable, heat resistant and dishwasher safe and easy to use for the average cook in the family.

Scott Stuber

Tyrone Velasquez